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About Haihui

Our mission and vision

Mission:Ending Hunger and Poverty, Caring for the Earth

vision:Health communities without poverty where people living in peace and equitably sharing the resources.

About Haihui

Sichuan Haihui Poverty Alleviation Service Centeris a non-profit organization dedicated in poverty alleviation and ruralcommunity development. Since establishment in 2008, we have been partneringwith government, corporation, charity organizations and schools to implementHeifer poverty alleviation projects. We help needy families through providingvarious livestock and trainings. Recipient families promise to complete“Passing on the Gift®” by sharing their livestock’s offspring or gift money,skills and knowledge to other families in need, and the whole community willbenefit in the end.

Project progress in China

From 2008 to June 30th, 2016, Haihui has been working with 117 project partners to implement 127 projects in 110 counties/cities of 15 provinces/ municipalities. Through these projects, Heifer China helped 62,671 families by giving them 1,216,394 gift animals. We conducted various types of trainings for 20,185 sessions. 803,121 people/times attended our training, 38.8 % of whom are women.

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