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What They Want to Know——Read to Feed Campus Talk 2016


Since its very beginning in 2010, the "Read to Feed" project has been on its way up for six years and launched numerous campaigns at schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,Chengdu, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Ningbo. During the period, the teachers and students have visited Haihui·Heifer project families and observed the changes coming in the wake of their donation, which was raised through reading. Every school has its own course arrangements so that not all of them can come to the site, some of which resort to Heifer projects' videos,photos, and progress reports to learn about changes in the village. In order to allow more teachers and students to fully appreciate the effects of their good deeds for the assisted families, in November 2016, the 14-year-old girl Adila from Kashgar, Xinjiang and the 13-year-old boy Hu Changwen from Qichun, Hubei, came to the schools in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to have a face-to-face conversation with teachers and students participating in the "Read to Feed"project.

It has been their first time that they travel a long way from home to big cities. Therefore, it goes without saying that these kids were very excited about their trip. At the sametime, they got some nerves about the upcoming activities. The first activity took place at the Malvern College Chengdu. In front of so many strangers, the kids got a stage fright and clung to the hands of heifer project staff. Suddenly,someone asked Changwen what subject he favors the most. Changwen blushed to answer that he prefers English but said with a stutter that he does not like Biology.At the hearing of his answer, the audience burst out a fit of laughter, which indicated that many students see eye to eye with him on this. Changwen also couldnot help laughing when he got to know that a lot of friends here have a troublelearning Biology as much as he does.

Adila is from the Uighur community and has yet to master Chinese so she was reluctant to speak. In the afternoon, she found it interesting co-working with students to make pizzas. During their baking, Adila was so touched by the singing voices of the students that she volunteered to dance for them. Along with the beat of ethnic music, Adila started to dance. Drawn by her beautiful dancing posture, many students joined her.

Over the next few days,accompanied by Haihui·Heifer staff, Adila and Hu Changwen played table tennis at the Leman Chengdu International School and students from different countries. They had lunch with fellow students from Guangya School and paid visits to the QSIschool campus, Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School, Shanghai High SchoolInternational Division and Yew Chung International School of Beijing.

After the meeting, Principal Chen from Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School took Adila and Changwen to the school library where PrincipalChen selected some books as presents to the kids. They are excited to shuttle from the shelves back and forth, showing great passion in books. Changwen finally selected "Aesop's Fables", "Three Hundred TangPoems" and Adila selected "Green Fairy", "Collection of Full-mark Compositon".

Apart from getting to know the financial situations of the Adila’s and the Hu Changwen’s and Heifer project’s assistance, the students asked a variety of questions, ranging from schoolwork to the snacks the kinds could enjoy, one of which is the name of the pig Changwen fed. We can tell from their questions that kids in different living environment share a little common knowledge as to the outer world.

Dream, of course, is one essential topic for the activities.The future for the two kids is nothing but a great and distant vision. In their wildest dreams, Adila becomes a Chinese teacher and can be able to send her younger sister to a better school and travel around China with parents; Changwen is admitted to the best high school in Qichun County, then attends college, launches his own business to better the financial situation in village and travels around the world with his parents.

The "Read to Feed" campus activity makes it possible for children in the city to converse with children in rural areas. This experience may place a certain level of influence upon their formative years. When they grow up, they will eventually find their own way and move forward on the course of life. At this moment, it is our obligation to give something positive to them.


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