Not a Cup

But a Cow

to End Hunger and Poverty

Animal Distribution Ceremony in Enping, Guangdong Province


On September 29, 2016, animal distribution ceremony for Eco-agriculture &PovertyAlleviation project in rural villages in Guangdong province officially started in Naji Township, Enping city.  There were numerous representatives made their appearance on that day. Namely, Guangdong Enping HSBC Township Bank executive director Huang Sheng, the bank presidentWang Zhaohui,  Enping municipalgovernment director Huang Ruiming, deputy director of the Bureau of Agriculture Li Shijian, mayor of Naji town Wu Yuefeng, director assistant of Haihui·HeiferLi Jie and some delegates from beneficiaries in villages attended the event.

During the ceremony, the first batch of gift fund went to 28 households. This gift fund is meant to help develop a better living for farmers. By the virtue of it,farmers can foster many husbandry-oriented projects.  Also, in an attempt to reshape the poor villages, the central idea of constructing them should be based on the integralvalue shared by all members in the community. Meanwhile, among Self-help groups, community-planning and training programs and various community activities will be implemented, the goal of building a harmonious new countryside is coming into its very shape.

On March 18, 2016, which happens to be the 7th anniversary of Guangdong Enping HSBC Township Bank, HSBC gave an additional donation (up to 1.5 millionUS dollars) to Haihui·Heifer. Meanwhile, under the invitation of Enping ciry’sgovernment, HSBC introduced the Eco- agriculture &Poverty Alleviationproject in rural villages in Guangdong province into Enping city, which isaiming at helping 2,400 poor households in six years to realize self- relianceand sustainable development through the model of value- based holistic communitydevelopment.

Now, the project has been implemented for more than half a year. It isreassuring to observe that this project has won over major attention from themunicipal government, Agriculture Bureau, Heifer organization leaders andtherefore it has already borne some fruits. Also, we believe that more and moreself-help groups in Naji town will set up and more farming households will receivethe gift fund that can be put into good use for fostering husbandry-orientedprojects.  We also take it for grantedthat by doing so, farmers can ultimately live independently and achieve thegoal of common prosperity.  


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