Not a Cup

But a Cow

to End Hunger and Poverty

Passing-on-the-Gift in Qinghai


In a Hope of Bettering 255 Smallholder farmers

In October 2016, Haihui team launched its round of passing-on-the-gifts in the project site, located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau - Ping An District in Qinghai Province, where the average elevation is above 2000 meters. The presents would be delivered to the four villages, among which the farthest distance is nearly 21 km.

In March 2013, HaihuiProject was launched in Ping An District, Qinghai Province, where 525 smallholder farmers were sent to pigs and sheep, and a series of technical training was also conducted. After two years, by 2015, 260 families would distribute the gift for purchasing livestock to other farmers in grave need. In October 2016,another 255 households did the same as well. During the course of the project,various training courses were held and 1050 people attended various exchange visits.

Now, another 255 farmers accept these gifts from others, hoping that with the help of the Heifer project, they will be able to be financially independent and achieve self- development in the way that other people did.


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