Seeds of Hope



Abdul Reyimu is an activist of the Heifer support group of Zhuangzi village. This is his second year of contracting vegetable greenhouses and the vegetable sales revenue has more than ten thousand. He shyly told us that the first year of technology is not enough and only two kinds of greenhouses were built which did not make a lot of income. This year, the Bureau of Animal Husbandry invited people to teach their greenhouse cultivation techniques. So he developed four new greenhouses and got a better reward than last year.

Walking through the village of Zhuangzi village, the greenhouses are densely built. The greenhouses are only built on a simple adobe with a length of 90 meters and a width of 5 meters. The roof is made up of a plastic film. In the winter, farmers covered the roof with a thick blanket for insulation. Zhuangzi village which has five thousands villagers is regarded as a poor district. But now, there are more than seven hundred may have been shed, yields up nearly 1,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year. When it is in harvest season, there are a large number of foreign brokers to ask for acquisitions.

Since the rainfall is little, every step raises dust. But when we stepped into the shed, we found here are green and lush. Cowpea, cucumber, watermelon are waiting for the owner to pick. While we were chatting, Reyimu was harvesting. Soon a large bundle of cowpea and cucumber were harvested. His five-year-old daughter behind him carrying a basket with crops shuttled in the garden merrily.

Out of the garden, Reyimu took us to another shed where the seedlings were cultured in a short while. He squatted on the ground for weeding, said: “I take turns every day into several sheds weeding, the fodder unplugged is enough to feed cattle and sheep at home for several days. However, waste manure is not wasted since I used them as fertilizers. The self-made fertilizers are safe and environmentally friendly and it can save a lot of money to buy feed . “I cannot help but sigh, “One stone, two birds! Fantastic! "He smiled, said:” Oh! Originally I don’t know this method until Heifer came to teach us. I thought that Heifer would only give me a few sheep; it is not expected to be taught and guided to engage in this shed. In this year, the number of sheep at home increases from five to nine, but I'm not in a hurry to sell. I can sell my vegetables all year round to generate income. The scale we have now is not enough, so we still have to wait in order to develop it. "

Watering, fertilizing, weeding, feeding to sheep, cleaning pens. Reyimu is repeating this stuff every day. But thriving seedlings, basket of fruits and vegetables and the growing sheep are best for him in return. Working hard for a whole day, He said goodbye to us. In the meantime, he held her daughter walking home along the way chatting with Uighur with love. I believe that the largest driving force is the warm hand he was holding.


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