Trickle of Life


At nine o’clock, at the time the sky just lit up Kashi, we set off. With the sunshine on the roof of the mosque, the temple shows a glorious feeling. There are locals who have started to prepare the daily trading in the Grand Bazaar across the street. The old man wearing a flower hat with long beard is surrounded by Uighur women. A cup of pomegranate juice is made by the old man quickly. Air is mixed with spiced Fu tea flavor, strong aroma of cumin lamb skewers, fruit juice and freshly baked sweet chilly baked charcoal flavor. This is the most common Kashi morning with exotic charm taste.

Out of the city, we arrived the village of Kokand township project in less than half an hour. At the moment there was no trace of clouds in the sky. In the village, paths are crisscross, canal water is clear. Coordinator Abdul had been waiting for us in the village center.

"We can now go to the home of the team leader of the support team." After greetings he said to us , so we are pleased to go . The sheep at the leader’s home suffered from ringworm these days and he invited Abdul to treat the diseased sheep. Arriving at the leader’s home, Abdul took out a white lab coat and syringes and turned into the fence skillfully to treat the sheep with the help of Yimingyasheng uncle next to the sheep. He said that: “By the end of 2010, Heifer gave him five sheep , and now there are 18 sheep.” Recently he just sold four sheep, earning more than 6,800 rmb. Uncle Yasheng started to talk about his story. Initially, he was worried of the reliability of Heifer. Can I believe this organization, Heifer? Can Gift delivery be completed? How to do if sheep died? These problems burden him. Later, Heifer and the Bureau of Animal Husbandry came to answer everyone queries. Based on the guarantee of the techniques given and the signed agreements, his concerns were completely dispelled. But more importantly, the one who let him to have confidence is our community coordinator Abdul.

Abdul is the staff of the rural veterinary station. When Heifer came to the village, he became a community coordinator of Heifer and the workload increased a lot more than in the past. He managed to coordinate the Heifer 5 support groups 100 households of project activities. In order to be able to take care of every family, he insisted visiting 20 families a week, checking the condition of animal breeding. In the past, when sheep was sick, farmers were only able to find a way to transport the sheep to faraway places , however, give him a call now, he will always be able to give you the solution. Abdul said he chose to do the community coordinator because the neighborhoods are nice and the village is very close to his home, so that it should not be too difficult to handle. Admittedly, the workload is enormous now. Fortunately, the family is very understanding of him, as if the house was being renovated a few days, but his wife knew he could not get away from Heifer work. She then told him, you go for it.

With the support of his family, he devoted into the work. Two kilometers from the village, when it is in rainy days, motorcycles would get trapped in the mud easily. Abdul discussed with the team how to repair their roads. Finally in the summer of 2013, the project was funded by the local government; they spent four days to build this cement road under our feet. When we came out from the home of Mushadaer, he was leading the sheep back home. He then warmly greeted us and said he sold the cotton in that day and he must hand in the money to the coordinator.

Mushadaer sold six to seven sheep recently and earned seven or eight thousand. He rears more than 20 sheep now, but he intends to expand to about 50, so far he has no intention to sell the sheep. Cotton harvest in the end of September, the family was able to sell seven acres of harvested cotton field to earn a thousand dollars. He counted the money earned in the afternoon with pleasure. He had prepared gifts and gave it to the coordinator, said, “I was the first recipient, so I have to take the leading role. It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Abdul carefully put the money away and went out in a while. The family we visited, for instance, pens to be repaired, the vaccinated animals, were carefully recorded. It is frequently asked that there is not much Heifer staff, but why so many farmers can be helped, and how to ensure that the project go into every family in need? Following Abdul in the village after a day of work, the reason is that we have such selfless and serious staff like Abdul in every service site that acts as an important pillar. They live here, rooted here, more importantly; they understand the vision of Heifer. With their accession, the work would be more complete and realistic.


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