From Dropout to Trainer-Na Ming's Dream Comes True



At the young age of 20, Na Ming, a Wa minority woman, is both wife and mother. Na Ming was born in a poor Wa minority family to aged parents with health problems. Being the oldest child in her family, she often had to care for her younger brothers and sisters. Na Ming completed middle school with very good grades, but had to drop out when her mother became sick. At 15-years-old, she got married in Yangluo Village, Ximeng County, Pu’er Yunnan, and had a baby at 17. Na Ming was sad to think that she would possibly have no other chance to finish her studies.

In October 2011, Heifer China partnered with Ximeng County and entered Wa village. At the beginning, Heifer staff called the villagers for a meeting to introduce the organization and share its story. Language barriers (there are many in the village) and limited knowledge of the outside world kept most villagers from understanding the training. Program staff discovered that Na Ming could not only understand the training, but she was also translating the content to her fellow villagers in their native Wa language.

Recognizing this valuable skill, Heifer staff asked Na Ming to participate in leadership training so that she could fully learn about Heifer's history and the 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development in order to eventually help facilitate the trainings for the community. Excited, Na Ming agreed, "I feel so sorry that I couldn't go to school. But now I will study like a student and also can teach as a teacher!"

After several sessions of Training of Trainer, Na Ming can interpret the 12 Cornerstones in her own language to the community. She hopes she can continue her studies of animal rearing technology to improve her hog rearing skills to increase the family income and support her children. She is realizing her dream of finishing all the schools.


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