Danone Manager Leads Training for Heifer China


On March 6, 2013, Heifer China’s Beijing Regional Project Office invited the manager of Danone Group's milk-sourcing department, Fan Yulei, to conduct training in Weichang County, Hebei Province.

Tiantian Dairy Company of Yudaokou District allowed use of their pastures for a comprehensive development program, and local rural families began the training program “Pasture Management and Milk Quality-Control.”

During the training, Fan focused on the four prominent milk diseases, standards for healthy cattle and epidemic prevention. He targeted common cattle ailments such as mastitis, hoof disease, metabolic and breeding diseases and their basic prevention. He also elaborated on proper methods for raising cattle and the importance of standardized management techniques.

Fan discussed the difference between disease-prevention, daily hygienic sterilization, disease-avoidance and routinely checking for diseases, which help ensure Danone milk meets safety and health standards.

“Prevention is the key…prevent the disease first and treat it later,” Fan stressed.

During a post-training discussion, Fan addressed many remaining questions participants asked about the everyday process of rearing dairy cows.

Participants said the training was beneficial because it reflected on production conditions, vividly explained concepts, presented scientific farming methods and the importance of standard food safety management.


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